Jessica, owner and founder of Organize By Design, is the greatest entrepreneur and motivational person you can imagine. Her concept of helping you de-clutter (which we all need some time, right?!), combined with her reuse/recycle part makes the process so worthwhile. Her attitude and spirit is invigorating. Using her services will not only make your place look more spacious and clean, you will also be left with a feeling of having done something really great for other people, too - and greening the planet!

​--Kirsten, Wayside

Your cleaning and purging my home with Organize By Design was probably the 1st important step of my journey!

--Debbie, Middletown

Thank you Jess for coming over yesterday and doing everything!!! You really made it welcoming to come home last night.

--John, Wall

WOW! What a difference a day makes! Thank you to Organize By Design, Awesome Jessica: I slept like a baby last night not overwhelmed by all the clutter in my office! My sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me live in a relaxing, unstressed atmosphere. You were in compassionate in understanding why I wanted to hold on to my treasures and came up with a game plan to determine what makes most sense. Life is Good thanks to Jessica and Organize By Design! 

--Pat, Belmar

Everything's going wonderful in my new room- I feel such a burden has been lifted- both mentally and physically--that was a job I dreaded doing and you as know, was quite overwhelmed by-- you and Amy were so terrific, and worked so hard, you made it really easy for me-- I am inspiried to keep the room the way it looks now, and the funny thing is, when I go in there I almost feel like it's not mine yet-- as if I'm in someone else's house! 

--Maryellen, Milltown

I hired Jessica and one of her employees in the fall to help me tackle my basement. My basement was my Albatross! They came to my house 2 days in a row and had a great organizing process. We went through everything and Jessica divided the items into 3 sections. 1st ~ things to donate. 2nd ~ things to throw away and 3rd ~ things to keep. This process made it easy to make decisions quickly. I was happy to donate so much. I didn't look back at the items we threw away. And the items that were left are my treasures that can't be replaced. I highly recommend Jessica and her company to help you organize whatever room is your Albatross!

--Jan, East Brunswick

Jessica and Ali are the absolute best. I could not have survived the last two months without them. Truly, there is no one better than Jessica. My total th​anks for you. So glad that we have known each other for three years now. You are a constant reminder that an organized home is a happy home.

--Toni, Neptune

Sharing a superb, remarkable experience. I really needed to make my home my nest again. I will always love my husband, but now it's time for me to re-center. It's been hard looking around and trying to decide what to do with his amazing library of books. I turned to Jessica of Organize By Design. Jessica is amazing. Truth! Not only in her ability to sense and see what needs to be done, although she is genuinely terrific at that , and absolutely fearless when it comes to pushing, pulling, carrying, organizing. What was also extraordinary was her tender patience with my mood swings as I sorted through my late husband's books. Jessica knows what to say, and what not to say. She is never gilb, never just throws out words to fill up space. Jessica has a spiritual and moral wisdom that is very healing and empowering . I am so grateful, and I indeed feel blessed!

--Terri, Long Branch

Thank you, Jessica & Allison SO much for helping me this week! The albatross that's been around my neck has just been lifted with your great help and suggestions! I will definitely recommend you!

-- Jan, East Brunswick

The difference you made in just a few hours is amazing, you always motivate me to keep going in my goal to get organized and minimize! Thanks so much.

--Moira, Spring Lake Heights 

If you're looking for some peace of mind this holiday season, look no further than Home organizer Jessica Varian Carroll of Organize By Design. Augie and I are currently using her and we are very happy with the results. She will help you tame every closet, shelf or room where clutter is causing stress and she is hard working, insightful and very patient in the sorting of things. Her services would make a great Christmas gift. We are really enjoying the "clutter busting" she is doing for us... the children can now walk around their toy closet without fearing an avalanche. I can't wait for her to tackle our garage.

--Natalie, Oceanport

Jessica is efficient, experienced, and a delight to work with! She helped me pack my home for a renovation and assisted me in getting rid of things I no longer wanted which I was thrilled to be able to donated. She even took the items with her! I can't wait to have her come back and help me organize my basement!

--Jill, Lincroft 

OMG! Thankful and grateful is an understatement actually! Jessica and her amazing team from Organize By Design provided the most top first class service to experience during my move. Jessica has provided similar services to our clients over the years, but never did I imagine how stress- free a move can be when you have the pros such as Jessica pack me up. I was able to continue to work in my office while they divided things up: storage, etc., gently packaged every item, including my jewelry, etc. If you ever need someone to either declutter your home, or pack up and prep for a move-- definitely need to call Jessica.

--Pat, Sea Girt

You and your team make such a positive difference in the lives of your clients, including delivering items for donations. Especially for families dealing with a sudden death in the family, these every day experiences really are life changing! This is simply one of the many ways that you and your OBD team change lives in positive ways, Jessica. I'm proud of  you, grateful to know you, and also appreciative of being one of your clients.Thank you, Jessica.

--Nancy, Neptune 

Jessica and her team are wonderful! Their professionalism and positive attitude make tackling the clutter of everyday life so much easier! They are fast, efficient, and extremely thorough. Downsizing has never felt so good! I love knowing that everything that we no longer need in our home can be removed easily and immediately given to help others in need. There's a lot involved with getting and staying organized...Jessica and the whole Organize By Design team really help to make the process manageable. I highly recommend them!

--Amanda, Oceanport

Thank God for Organize By Design! They helped me prep for my house renovation and again when I had to empty my basement afterwards- took away sooo much stress!

--Jill, Lincroft 

Jessica has been so valuable in helping me organize my work space, "re-purpose" items, and donate many others to places I know they'll be used and valued. Jessica's just plain brave! She comes in, observes the situation, listens carefully, and dives right in. I've be been genuinely grateful for her wisdom and good-heartedness, as well as her absolute professionalism, patience, and caring ways. Outstanding!

--Terri, Long Branch

I can't tell you how much I love Vicki. She is so smart, and a real blessing. She has helped me so so much. I feel so lucky for that day I met you. Thank you for sending Vicki to me. She is a star, one of a kind amazing person. She has had a major impact on my life and my home.

--Nicole, Lincoft 

I LOVE my "new" closet!!! I even showed my super organized friend and she was very impressed. I can find things so much better now. When I put laundry away, I put it right back where things belong. My whole life should be color coordinated. Things would be so much easier! It still looks exactly the same way as you left it. Thanks!

--Benita, Old Bridge

Turner Pest Control was in serious need of some file purging - Jessica and Vicki to the rescue!! Can't wait for the next project!!! Thank you for everything!

--Casey, Atlantic Highlands

My office was in such disarray that every time I thought about getting it organized, I was completely overwhelmed. Jessica came in and worked miracles. She made the process of letting go of things so easy! She never put pressure on me, but just by looking at her, I knew it was time. She also took care of the things I never would have bothered doing (recycling a laptop, selling watches, etc.). Jessica also did such a phenomenal job on my craft closet that the system is still in place today and working wonderfully! I would highly recommend Organize by Design!

--Tara, Oceanport

Jessica has been to my house a few times to help with closets, organization and has helped us so much. I still use the advise and tips she has givin myself and teenage daughters. Absolutely wonderful person to work with!

--Dara, Ocean Township

I've used Jessica Varian-Carroll's de-cluttering expertise and it has enabled me to concentrate on my business with less stress. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it has released my mind to be able to think more creatively. 
--Lynn, Ocean Grove

Thank you, Jessica! Darrel loves the new olive oil display table. Now, everything feels lighter and brighter. I am on fire (yes, beaming!) and I am inspired to continue throwing unnecessary items away. I'm making room for everything new in 2014. Many thanks to You! 
--Joyce, Lakewood

Jessica came to help me on 2 different occasions. I was overwhelmed when we began to work on my basement closet but she got me to move through it super fast. She made it so simple to pick the keepers and garbage and tons and tons of donations. Organize by Design was the easiest way to clutter free my closets. I would have never gotten it done by myself Thank You Jessica! 
--Lesly, Long Branch, NJ

Jessica came into my home and turned it right-side-up again in a matter of several hours. She not only organized my entire kitchen, including two huge walk in pantries and countless cabinets but she designed a system so that all my son's toys could be neatly tucked out of sight at the end of the day. Jessica also helped me to release piles of items that I no longer needed or used. The best part is, Jessica carted away these items to be donated to organizations who really needed them. 
--Natalie, Oceanport, NJ

I finally reached out for help to Organize By Design. When Jessica came in to help me organize my closets and kitchen, she never made be feel embarrassed!! She helped me get rid of the useless items and donate what others could need. She made the experience fun and had such great energy! She finished her jobs with me and left my home with everything having a place which in return has made me a much happier person! Thank you! 
--Katie, Neptune, NJ

Jessica has made miracles happen! Within a couple of hours, Jessica lifted 7 years off my shoulders! Instead of throwing items away, Jessica donates them and puts them into good use. Not only do I feel great about my space, but it’s also rewarding that I may of contributed to helping others. 
-- Krystal, Brick Township, NJ

Jessica is like the organization fairy. She comes in on a cloud (a neat cloud) and magically suggests a few changes. She implements them and poof my crowded, annoying studio apartment is light airy and open. Organization and Feng Shui are like tastes that taste great together! Thanks, Jessica! 
--Theresa, Howell, NJ

Jessica is an angel of organization. She comes to your home and blesses you with renewed strength ... she helps to bring clarity to your vision so that you can live on purpose.
--Shirley, Red Bank, NJ

Thank you so much, Jessica Varian-Carroll of Organize By Design for helping me organize my home office and garage in preparation for my move. I am truly happy and satisfied with your services and feel so light and inspired. You are AWESOME at what you do! Thank you!
--Krista, West Long Branch, NJ

Organize by Design gave me my house back! Surprisingly, for as difficult as I thought it would be Jessica handled each room of my house, and all of my clutter with ease. Organize by Design saved my home and my sanity. I look forward to continued work with Jessica to help me gain the tools to ensure the clutter NEVER finds its way back into my home. Thank you!
--James and Amy, Brick, NJ