Our Services
We work with those who are ready to take action!  

Here is a list of some of what we offer:

-Home Sweet Home Organization! 
Have closet you are afraid to open? We do closets, bedrooms, kitchens, guest rooms, play rooms and storage spaces.

-Dreading Your Move? We Can Help Plan and Pack!
Who likes to move? Nobody! We strategically plan and oversee the move, from hiring of companies, to packing and unpacking. Let us take care of the details. How easy is that?

-Create Professional Space! 
Not only do we organize homes but we can clean out storage units, offices, and cars. Why start with a mess if you can get organized from the beginning? If you have a new business we help you set up your space so it runs smooth and efficiently.

-Need a Pick Me Up?
Have kids? Pets? A spouse with a crazy hobby? Then you might be interested in our monthly pick-me-up visits. It helps to keep everything organized so your stuff doesn’t get out of control, and we all know how quickly that can happen!

-Holiday Just Around the Corner?

Want someone to take down the decorations from the attic and best yet set them all up? It gets even better we can come back and take them down, pack them and then put them all away properly.

Pricing Packages (February 2016)
3 Hour $300
6 Hour $540
9 Hour  $765
12 Hour  $960
15 Hour  $1,125*

Have a really big job, need the work done quicker?

Please inquire about our 2,3,& 4 person teams

Additional charges apply.

Organize By Design provides bags to put the unwanted items in.

Pick up your own boxes and moving supplies or we can do it for you and hand you the receipt.

Organize By Design covers a half hour travel time from a radius of 07764 any travel time after that will be billed to our client at the current hourly rate in their chosen package.

Please note-

There is a $50 per team member cancellation fee for notice under 24 hours.


*most popular